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What is the Purpose of Business?

Last summer, The Business Roundtable, a nonprofit organization of CEO’s of major businesses, redefined its Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation to include stakeholders in addition to shareholders.


The action has produced much discussion about the primary role of the corporation. To put it another way: What responsibility does business have to society?


How to Keep Your Meetings Flowing?

Dear Phil:

Your column about the role of business elicited quite a bit of commentary in our organization. Would you be kind enough to expound a little further and perhaps suggest a format for discussing the issue, especially at a staff meeting?


Bob M., Ridgeland


Dear Phil:

Do you have any suggestions about productive staff meetings? We don’t want to eliminate  them, but we seem to be stuck doing the same things at every meeting.


Sandra W., Columbus

Good questions. My first thought when I read those two emails was “convergence.” 


Ranking the Professions

Each year the Gallup organization surveys Americans to determine how they feel about certain professions. The December 2018 survey revealed that nurses rated highest for honesty and ethics for 17th consecutive year. Members of Congress and telemarketers rated lowest.

Below are the rankings for each profession. Respondents in the survey were asked the following question: Please tell me how you would rate the honesty and ethical standards of people in these different fields — very high, high, average, low or very low? The number beside the profession indicates the percentage of respondents who replied High or Very High.


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