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5,000 public schools considered failing. Natl Governors Assn has some ideas.

At least 5,000 public schools, serving more than 3 million children, are considered failing in the United States because they have failed to meet their academic achievement targets for at least five consecutive years. The National Governors Association  Center for Best Practices just issued a report that offers states ideas to fix failing schools and districts.  The ideas are as follows:

– Build state capacity to support the turnaround of failing schools and districts;

– Engage external partners to manage school and district turnarounds;

– Set ambitious but realistic goals for school improvement that incorporate multiple measures;

– Develop a human capital strategy to improve the quality of leadership and teaching; and

– Increase state authority to intervene in failing schools and districts, if other approaches prove insufficient.

These ideas came from a project that provided Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts and Mississippi with grant funds and consulting services to develop policies and plans that create the conditions to turn around chronically low-performing schools and districts.

More at www.nga.org/center/education.

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