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7 Measures of Success of Remarkable Associations

From the book, 7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don’t

Measure 1: Customer Service Culture – a “we’re here to serve you” approach, not only for individual encounters, but built into the entire organizational structure;

Measure 2: Alignment of Products and Services with Mission – doing what it takes to make sure offerings are consistent with mission, even in the midst of change;

Measure 3: Data-Driven Strategies – knowing how to analyze data and determine actions based on solid foundations;

Measure 4: Dialogue and Engagement – the ability to keep an internal conversation going among staff and volunteers regarding direction and priorities;

Measure 5: CEO as a Broker of Ideas – a CEO who takes steps to facilitate visionary thinking in his or her staff;

Measure 6: Organizational Adaptability – knowing when and when not to change in a fast-paced environment; and

Measure 7: Alliance Building – seeking partners and projects that complement the mission and purpose.

This book is available from the American Society of Association Executives online bookstore.

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