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Alice’s Hotel

Stayed overnight at the Hotel Alice in Ellisville, Mississippi recently.  Would probably not have discovered it unless I not been playing in a tennis tournament in the area. What was so fascinating about the experience was what I call the “small town” factor, that way of being treated by local owners who operate a business that is not part of a chain. For example, when I called and asked for a late arrival, I expected to be told, as I would have been with a national chain, that I needed to furnish a credit card number. Not only was I told that I could just give my credit card number the next morning, I was also informed that the hotel would be closed when I got there and where the key to the front door and my room could be found.

When I arrived I found the keys and a hotel that took me back in time. The Hotel Alice is not one of those restored hotels where everything has been updated and modernized. For sure, a guest will find a television, a coffee maker and even a microwave in most of the room. There is even free wi-fi. But beyond that, the place is about like it was in the thirties. As the hotel’s Web site says, “To preserve her character, we left Alice’s imperfections. You will notice cracks in walls, the uneven floors, original windows and skylights, along with many other features which make her unique.”

The hotel’s Web site is atwww.hotelalice.com.

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