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Best states for small business

Small Business Survival Index Map by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council reveals ranking of states.  It is a great tool.  Just click on the state to see a list of stats and other info.  Mississippi ranks 16th, by the way.  The Top Five are South Dakota, Nevada, Texas, Wyoming and Washington.  The Bottom Five are District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, California and Vermont.

Speaking of small business, I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows at this post from Gene Marks blog in the New York Times:

BEST CASE AGAINST LOBBYISTS Huffington Post’s Zach Carter and Ryan Grimm write about how the small-business lobby hurts small business: “Two years into the Obama administration, small businesses are still struggling to obtain credit and hire new workers, while big businesses withhold payments from them, horde cash and enjoy record profits. But if the top small-business goal for the past two years was to elect Republicans, the N.F.I.B. has done its job.”

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