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Breaking News: This is not breaking news

Watching, listening or reading the media news for more than 30 minutes at one setting reveals that the term “breaking news” has lost its original meaning.  For example, at this moment (7:19 a.m., February 5, 2010) somebody apologized, a city reimbursed a parking meter company and a food company made a profit in the first quarter.  All of these are “Breaking News” stories.

This morning CBS News (“Toyota President apologizes for safety woes” ) and CNN (“Toyota: Apology but no recall”) say that somebody apologizing is “Breaking News.”  Breitbart says that Tyson Foods returning to profit is “Breaking News.”  All the “Breaking News” in Chicago is at www.chicagobreaking news.com.  Right now the top three “Breaking News” stories in Chicago are as follows: “2 police officers hurt in West Side crash;” “Dead burglary suspect got mixed up with wrong crowd:” and “City reimburses parking firm for blocked off spaces.”

“Breaking news” used to mean that scheduled programing was interrupted. Now it seems that “Breaking News” is a scheduled program.  Makes one wonder what new term will replace “Breaking News” for stories that are really breaking news.

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