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BroadbandMatch: sort of a dating service to apply for Recovery Act $$

This is a new online tool that matches people, agencies and organizations who want to apply together for federal grants for high-speed Internet projects.  Below is some info from the Web site.

WHAT: BroadbandMatch is an online service to help applicants for Recovery Act broadband grants find potential partners with whom to apply. Infrastructure providers find content providers! Large-scale institutions find small-scale community organizations! Practitioners find researchers! WHY: A stronger, more creative applicant pool brings us closer to the President’s goal of broadband for all Americans. This tool helps those with complementary skills and resources collaborate to create stronger applications together than they could working alone.

HOW: Fill out and post an applicant profile and then search for partners.

WHO: Brought to you by the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the USDA’s Rural Utilities Service in support of the Obama Administration’s Open Government Initiative.

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