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Communication by Public Officials

By nature of my day job and general interest in communication techniques I read a lot of e-mails, press releases and blogs by public officials.  These communiques range from sanitized, politically correct, meaningless press releases that say nothing to freewritten, meaningless greetings that also say nothing.  Somewhere in the middle of the continuum is the personal message from a public official who communicates WHY he or she is doing something, along with some personal information that makes me feel that I know and understand the communicator.

One such person is a state representative from Mississippi named John Mayo.  (Click here for his home page.) There are political positions that he and I probably would not agree on, but his communication style and methods make me feel that he knows his job, he cares about his constituents and he is open about his stands on issues.  Not only does he tell why he introduced a piece of legislation, he mentions things he is concerned about in his community and he even offers up movie reviews.  Public officials who are considering starting a blog would be well-advised to check out his communications.  Now for the warning:  do not attempt to copy Mayo’s style; be yourself.

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