• Phil Hardwick

Domino’s and Charlie: Please remove your signs.

I am fortunate to live in a neighborhood where neighbors not only care about each other, but also about the appearance of the area. A local architect who feels the same way even formed a partnership and bought an eyesore of a house on the corner of a busy intersection and turned the lot into green space. Click here to read an article about the project.

So I wasn’t too happy this morning when I noticed that a brightly colored, commercial sign peddling pizza had appeared on the property. It was not the only sign on the property. A local political candidate’s sign appeared on Monday, the day before election day. I concede that the candidate, who is a well-respected person, probably was not aware that overzealous campaign workers were surely the ones who placed the signs there. Anyway, so much for beautiful, neighborhood green space.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I called the owner and verified that the signs were placed there without permission.

P.O. Box 1293, Holly Springs, GA 30142


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