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Eminent Domain Veto

The bill (HB 803) cleared the (Mississippi) House (of Representatives)  119-3. The Senate, by a vote of 51-0, passed it unanimously.  Speaking to a handful of Mississippi business leaders, Barbour said he would veto the bill Monday (March 23). He urged those on the call to contact their legislators and tell them to sustain his veto. For that to happen, Barbour would need 41 votes in the House and 18 in the Senate.Gov. Haley Barbour said on a conference call Thursday afternoon that he will veto House Bill 803, which eliminates the use of eminent domain for major economic development projects in the state. Read the complete article …

“If eminent domain legislation passed by the Legislature and sent to Governor Haley Barbour becomes law, we can wave goodbye to major economic development projects in Mississippi,” said the President of the Mississippi Economic Development Council. Read the complete article…

Click here to read what Red and Fred had to say in an original article in the Mississippi Business Journal.

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