• Phil Hardwick

Get INSIDE the box?

It seems that everywhere I go I hear experts advising businesses, colleges, nonprofits and other organizations to concentrate on what one does best.  “Focus” is the word.  Use this time to “sharpen the saw,” as S. Covey would say.  The message from John Moore, marketing executive who helped Starbucks and Whole Foods Market become icons, at a Millsaps College forum yesterday was basically the same.  Don’t stray to far from your core products and services, he intoned.

I had to miss the event because last night I was speaking to the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet in Amory, Mississippi.  Three hundred people were in attendance and it was an impressive and optimistic group of people.  Tony Green, the executive director who came onboard just over one year ago, is obvioulsy doing an outstanding job.  By the way, the local government center is set on a beautiful waterway in what has to be one of the best government building settings I have ever seen.

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