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How to increase the number of entrepreneurs

The numbers are in and the conclusion is clear.  First, the numbers.  In 2009, there was an 8.9 percent increase in the number of new entrepreneurs, according to a study by Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc.  That is a four-year high.  Now for the conclusion.  Many of those new business owners were laid off from other jobs and HAD to start new businesses to survive.  Thus, if an increase in entrepreneurs is desired, which for years many economic development experts have said is the key to revitalization, the government should encourage layoffs.  I’m being facetious of course, but the message I take away from the above statistic is that Americans (and humans in general)are adaptive.  When the environment changes, we will change to adjust as necessary.   And no, I’m not advocating layoffs.

Interestingly, the biggest increase in the percentage of those new business owners was in the category of persons aged 55 and older.  That group would logically have the toughest time finding a similar job (with similar benefits) that they had been laid off from.

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