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Me and my Kindle – One Month Later

Just finished my From the Ground Up column.  The subject is about why I purchased a Kindle.  Here are a couple of excerpts:

Amazon released its first e-book reader in November 2007.  It sold out in a matter of hours.  Several of my acquaintances were among the purchasers.  They were unanimously enthusiastic about the device.  I could not see paying $399 for one.  I’m one of those people who love the touch, smell and feel of hardbound and softbound books.  I also love to underline and make notes when I read, especially in nonfiction books.  Whatever desire I might have have mustered for an e-book reader was quickly dissipate by price.  One can buy a lot of books for $399.  Even better, one can go to the library and get them really cheap.  So it was the price that caused me to dismiss the e-book reader.


I really like my Kindle.  It has more than ample battery life, an excellent reading screen, and even a Web browser.  It seems that every day I am discovering some new feature.  Yesterday, I read a few chapters on my MacBook (free Kindle download for it), and then today when I picked up my Kindle e-book reader it asked me if I wanted to sync forward and pick up reading where I had left off on my computer.  There is a long list of features that are too numerous to name here.  All are useful.

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