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Mississippi Mayor Elections

Today is primary election day in Mississippi for municipal offices.  Probably the toughest municipal job is that is mayor.  Some mayoral facts of interest:

Mississippi became a state in 1817 so it seems logical that the mayors of the cities at that time would be the “first mayors” in the state.  The first mayor of Natchez was Samuel Brooks.

In 1969, Charles Evers was elected mayor of Fayette, Mississippi, and hence became the first African American mayor in the state since Reconstruction.

Unita Blackwell, who was elected mayor of Mayersville, was the first African-American female mayor in Mississippi.

Lottie Dean (Frazier) Smith was mayor of Brooksville for 16 years and the first woman mayor in Mississippi.

The first woman mayor in the United States was Susanna Madora Salter who served as mayor of Argonia, Kansas in 1887.

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