• Phil Hardwick

Pride of Place

It is a chilly Saturday morning, and it’s championship weekend in the world of Mississippi high school football and college football in the Southeast. For many, it is a week about winning and losing. It is also about pride of place.

You don’t think so? Well, how many towns have you been to where there is a sign at the city limits welcoming you to the home of the “fill in the blank,” state champs?

Today, Puckett, a hamlet in Rankin County can add “Home of the Wolves, District 1-A State Football Champions – 2006 and 2008” to that already famous sign, “Welcome to Puckett – 300 good, friendly folks, and a few old soreheads.” Likewise, Meridian can add a sign proclaiming its 5-A championship after its overtime defeat of South Panola High School, which was holding the nation’s longest winning streak going into the game. Other divisions play their championship games today.

Over in Atlanta today, the champion of the SEC will be crowned when Alabama and Florida play each other in the championship game.

Like they say, North is a direction, but the South is a place.

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