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Read the Stimulus Bill

The so-called Stimulus Bill, officially enrolled as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, is now over 1,500 pages.  Has anybody read the whole thing?  Or better yet, is there a way to search for specific items in the bill?  Fortunately, the answer is yes.  There are two Web sites that may interest you – and, yest, there are others.

The first is the official Congressional Web site, known as THOMAS, where you can search all or specific legislation.  Click here to go to the search link.  The Stimulus Bill is HR, so just click on Browse by Bill Number and look for HR 1.

Another site of interest is readthestimulus.org.  It is simpler and easier to use as well as providing news updates.  Again, there are similar sites from various political organizations.  Send me an e-mail; I’ll be glad to list it here.

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