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SEC Schools Athletic Budgets & Success

When it comes to success in athletics there is a strong correlation between total budget and championships as this article in the Huntsville Times points out.  From the article:

It can’t be considered a coincidence that the two SEC programs that have never won a national championship in any sport also are the lowest in overall revenue. Just below in-state rival Ole Miss, Mississippi State ranks last of the 12 schools, saddled with an athletic budget hovering near $30 million.

On the other end of the scale is Florida, which has a budget more than three times that of MSU. The Gators own national titles in nine sports, the most of any SEC school. And more:

Southeastern Conference schools routinely toss hundreds of thousands of dollars into football recruiting each year, but only one program is burning more than $1 million a year. Continue…

And even more:

With rare exceptions, most major- college athletic budgets resemble that of Alabama’s, which for the 2007-08 fiscal year, had only one sport budgeted to make a profit – football. It was slated to earn in excess of $11 million.

Other sports ranged from a break-even margin for men’s basketball to a loss of more than $2 million for women’s basketball. Crimson Tide baseball had an expected deficit of about $1.5 million. Continue..


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