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Snowden Grove, City of Southaven and Clinton Arrows are winners.

It’s two o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and Charter Sports South is rebroadcasting the Dizzy Dean Junior Championship game between the Maryland Hillcats and the Clinton Arrows.  It’s the bottom of the sixth and Clinton is ahead 3-2.

Every time a fly ball is hit to the outfield, television viewers see tall pine trees, a beautiful lake and  two large City of Southaven banners.  Not bad for the local image.  This past week, Dizzy Dean teams and fans have come from all over the country for this event, adding to the Southaven and DeSoto County economy.

And now for some shameless promotion: The ninth book in my Mississippi Mysteries Series is Sixth Inning in Southaven, and yes it’s about baseball in Snowden Grove Park.  I understand that the book is now sold out, but you can get a copy directly from the Southaven Chamber of Commerce.

UPDATE: The Clinton Arrows held on to win the overall championship of the Junior Division of the Dizzy Dean World Series.  Congratulations, Arrows!.

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