• Phil Hardwick

The Importance of Details

One recent morning I received an e-mail inviting me to attend an event that was to occur in a couple of days.  The invitation was from a community leader who had formed a monthly discussion group regarding an issue that was important to the community.  Indeed, this person is what I would call a great community builder.  I had been to the discussion group a year earlier and found it well-intended, but lacking very much honesty among the discussants, myself included.  I decided to give it – and me – another chance even if I had to squeeze it in around other appointments.

Now to make my reservation.  I was already feeling better for making the decision to attend.  The e-mail message instructed me call a certain person at a certain number.  I called and asked to speak to the designated person.  A rather gruff voice said, “She’s not here.  Would you like her voicemail?” I replied in the affirmative and was connected to the voicemail of a man who was obviously not the right person.  I hung up and called back.  It was instant replay.  By now I was frustrated.  So much so that I decided that if the group did not have its act together any more than that I would not attend.

Then I started thinking.  Was this my excuse for not attending an event that I “should” attend, or did I have a responsibility to overlook the poor execution of details by the organizer?  I wondered how many others had called and decided not to attend the event because of the telephone snafu.  After I made my decision, I reflected on how important it is to pay attention to the DETAILS when putting on an event.

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