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Top Ten Challenges in the Coming 50 Years

Peter Schwartz, futurist, business strategist, alumnus, and author of The Art of the Long View addressed nearly 1,900 graduating students and their families at Rensselaer’s 203rd Commencement on May 16 on the Harkness Field.  He discussed what he considers are the biggest challenges for the next half-century.  They are as follows:

1. Creating long-term solutions to meet our energy demands sustainably. 2. Launching a bio-industrial revolution with sustainable manufacturing. 3. Understanding and enhancing the human brain to avert age-related impairments. 4. Improving agriculture to reduce costs and increase its energy and water efficiency. 5. Building sustainable cities through better urban planning and “smart architecture.” 6. Stimulating job growth and economic development. 7. Fusing the technological with the spiritual and aesthetic dimensions of human culture. 8. Advancing technological instruments to drive scientific discovery forward. 9. Harnessing biological tools to advance human evolution. 10. Discovering new ways to lower the costs and environmental impact of space flight and development.

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