• Phil Hardwick

Where do you get your coffee?

Starbucks is in the news today after its annual meeting yesterday at which some changes were announced. No wonder. Its stock hit a high of $32.45 during the past year, but now resides just under $18. One new wrinkle is a Web site where customers can voice their opinions and share ideas to improve the stores. I’ll just give my thoughts here.

I like Starbucks coffee, and I like my local store, which is located at Maywood Mart in Jackson, MS. Nevertheless, I go to Cups, a locally-owned coffee store, approximately 12 times for every one time I go to the Maywood Starbucks, which is closer to my house. Here’s why:

Cups has free wi-fi; Cups has local art; Cups is locally owned; and Cups is more involved in the local community.

Did you notice that I did not say that Cups has better coffee?

So when you come to Jackson you might see me sipping on a “regular, medium” at Cups in The Quarter on Lakeland Drive, my head into my laptop.

All of that is to ask you a question: If I came to your town and wanted a good cup of coffee and free wi-fi, where should I go?

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