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Why I haven’t bought a Kindle – and don’t plan to.

Everyone I know who has bought a Kindle  loves it.  One friend of a friend who is pastor of a mega-church in a large city claims that it has changed his life.  I love books and I love news.  Heck, I just love reading.  I also love technology.  I sound like the perfect Kindle customer, don’t I?  So why haven’t I bought a Kindle?

The primary reason is its cost, which is $359 for the 6″ version and $489 for the new, larger DX version.  I can buy a lot of books for those prices.  I can also do something in those books that I can’t do in/on a Kindle – and that is make notes in the margins and highlights on the text.  And then there is the monthly cost of being online.  Personally, I just don’t have that kind of discretionary income, and even if I did I would buy something else that had more value – say a new netbook computer.

The second reason is a privacy and security issue.  According to a post by ZD Net blogger Adrian Kingsley Hughes entitled “Is the Kindle one massive DRM timebomb?”, Amazon may remotely enter your Kindle and change some things, even the text of a book.  And that’s just the beginning.  When I buy a book, I buy it as is.  I don’t want the publisher editing it remotely afterwards.  Nor do I want the publisher to be able to take the book back by disabling some features.

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