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Why I like Main Street

For those who have been to my retreats and training sessions, you know that I emphasize that one of the biggest reasons that strategic plans and goals are not accomplished is because there is insufficient responsibility and accountability.  When things are not measured and reported people lose interest in them.  Successful organizations measure progress and hold people accountable.  And that is just one of the reasons that I believe is responsible for the success of the Main Street program nationwide, and the Mississippi Main Street Association (MMSA) in particular. MMSA is led by Bob Wilson.

Today, I received a newsletter from the association.  The first item was a report on the things that it measures.  The numbers speak for themselves.

72                    New Business

36                    New Business Net

22                    Business  Expansions

348                 New Jobs

260                 New Jobs Net

13,618,446     Public Dollars Invested

11,888,632    Private Dollars Invested

26                    Facade Rehabs

29                    Upper Floor Housing

6,559               Volunteer Hours

The Mississippi Main Street Association Web site is http://msmainstreet.com.

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