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Why I made Safari my default browser.

My favorite Internet browser is Opera.  I love the built-in e-mail, the side notes and more.  Unfortunately, hardly a day went by that some of the Web sites that I frequent did not support Opera.  So bye-bye Opera.  I used Firefox as my preferred browser for a number of years, but it kept getting bloated and slower.  Then along came Google’s Chrome.  I loved its simplicity and its design.  Safari never really appealed to me.  I thought its design was boring and that it too was rather bloated.  But two things in the past two weeks have caused me to change my default browser to Safari.

The first thing was the series of articles in the Wall Street Journal about Internet privacy and what information Web sites learn about visitors and what cookies and malware they leave on browsers.  The first article tells how to reset browsers to limit the tracking and the cookie dropping.  As I read the article, a couple of sentences jumped out at me:  “To maintain logins and settings for sites you visit regularly, but limit tracking, block “third-party” cookies. Safari automatically does this; other browsers must be set manually.”  Suddenly, Safari was back on my radar.

I took another look at Safari.  I discovered the “Private Browsing” feature under the Safari tab.  I also discovered the new Safari 5.0.1.  I love the READER feature that allows one to read articles without the advertising.  I still haven’t found a good Notes feature in Safari as good as those in Opera and Firefox, but I can live without it as a trade-off for better security and the other features.  By the way, if you know of such a Notes feature in Safari, please let me know.

I urge you to read the series of Wall Street Journal articles on Internet security.  Click here for the third article in the series. I predict that these articles will be the catalyst for some legislation on privacy.  Yes, the articles are that strong.

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