• Phil Hardwick

Why so many “bugs” in Merida?

One of the first things I noticed on my recent trip to Merida, Yucatan, Mexico was a surprising number of “bugs” on the streets. When I say “bugs” I’m referring not to insects, but to those lovable, cultic Volkswagen Beetles. Not the new Beetles, but the original VW Beetles, with their air-cooled, rear engines. I thought they quit making Beetles in the seventies. Actually, they stopped importing them to the United States in the seventies. It turns out that these VW bugs, with very minor design changes, were produced in Puebla, Mexico until July of 2003. And that’s why there are so many “bugs” in Merida, and the rest of Mexico for that matter.

(NOTE: I had a 1974 Beetle, and loved it.)

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